What will happen incase you lost pan card acknowledgement number?

Pan Card (Permanent Account Number) is the 10 digit alphanumeric number issued by the income tax department of India. Pan card is used for tracking financial transaction and its mandatory for all to link with your bank account.


Now a days every bank has made policy that pan card must be submitted to open a new bank account. Although you can open small saving account but there are certain restriction and limitation.
When you apply for a new pan card you obviously gets acknowledgement number or receipt, that helps in checking status of your pan card. Pan card is the key that can access you with unlimited adding of money in your bank account. Keep in mind that the acknowledgement number or receipt that has been issued to you during pan card registration should not be lost.

In case you lost those and you did not receive your pan card yet, than you have landed yourself into trouble, as it won't be easily be available to you and you can't apply for the second pan card. Once the pan card is issued in your name you can't have another pan card again as it is illegal and you might be imposed with penalty.

Lost pan card acknowledgement number before getting your Pan Card here's what you can do

  • File a case in district police station/ G.D entry or.
  • Go to the income tax department office and request for the copy of acknowledgement number or receipt.

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