What is Bitcoin and what is it's value?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, it is in the form of electronic cash, that mean bitcoin does not exists physically its only in a form of virtual currency. The most interesting fact is that that Bitcoin is decentralized. 

It does not have any establish institution to controlled over it, but it does have an open network for anyone who is willing to volunteer and thus you get paid for your work. 
Its value have increased lot from "1,309.03 bitcoin = 1 $ in late 2009 to 1 bitcoin = 5,029.67$  in April  2019". Now imagine that  how rich you could have been if you got those 1,309.03 bitcoin at the present.

Who created Bitcoin?

As no one knows that was it created by a single person or group of people using a specific name Satoshi Nakamoto. As of now its known that Satoshi Nakamoto a computer programmer is the man behind the brilliant idea of bitcoin, he created it in 2008 but has remained unknown for years.

How does it work?

As now you already know that the bitcoin are virtual currency that does not exist physically, without any requirement of bank to store money in it.
Its can becomes your digital assets that can be profitable for you when its price increase or you can use it as mode of payment where ever it may be accepted. Every single transaction made is always recorded in a public list called blockchain. But don't worry no one will know your identity.

How to use Bitcoin?

Its just like a normal wallet transaction or recieving payment without including any middle man or any institution.
  • Create bitcoin wallet
  • Buy some small amount of bitcoin
  • You can make payment or receive payment or
  • Store it as an investment

Why people like to use Bitcoin?

As mode of transaction it simple and its not controlled by any bank. The most interesting fact is that neither the transaction nor the account are not connected to the real world identities. So, here people can invest as well spend it anonymously, even though their transaction history are recorded, but none will now your account information unless you reveal it yourself. You can send as well as receive bitcoin or cryptocurrency without seeking for someones permission as we do in the real world, it does not limit you. And it does allows you to create multiple wallets for your different purposes, in that way it can be more privately used.


Due to its popularity and increasing in usage it is sure to have lots of scams and frauds that will always try to steal you bitcoin. And no one knows that what might happen to bitcion in future as it is unregulated. The value might increase or decrease is also not known.

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