Root your phone: What is rooting and is it safe?

So basically rooting is the process of allowing the user to gain full control over the devices it may be smartphone or tablet. Rooting is done to overcome the limitation and other that the company have input in the device like system apps that you won't be able to modify or uninstall unnecessary apps that are not in use. 

As android is an open source provided by the Google but in order to go further with customization and performance rooting is done. In other word its rooting is called Jail Breaking.

Is it safe to root your phone?

Android OS is based on the Linux Kernel so that gives you access to many things but limited. If you made up your mind to root, then should know that fail attempt to root or installing sensitives insecure apps might brick your device.
Rooting your phone or tabs will give you complete freedom to gain full control over your devices and along with the benefit comes the power to misuse. On one side you become a Superuser, you can install any modified apps or uninstall any system apps.
Google for many reason does not recommend to root you phone as attackers might get access to your personal files and misuse it. It also compromises your security levels when installing third party apps chances are there that hackers might be viewing your data and files without your knowledge.

Is rooting very hard?

Yes, it may be hard for some devices, as those companies will not let you to do so in easy way and lastly after many fail attempts you surely will give up.
But here what you should know that some phone companies like Google Pixel, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, One Plus Xiaomi and other unknown phones as well.

What will happen after you root your android phone?

Like its said that only some phone companies grant root permission easily. So in case you jail break/root
  • You won't be able to install update but you can download and install custom updates
  • Your phone warranty will be excluded
  • Play Store might not work
  • Battery of your phone will be optimized
  • You are now Superuser can uninstall system apps
  • Can create secure tunnel (VPN)
  • Unlimited access to unofficial apps
  • Block adds and pop ups, no need to pay to block adds

Last word

It is not necessary that rooting will surely brick your phone but it will boost your phone function, give you the better experience. To try or not to its up to you but before you do you should backup. And suppose your phone is not working after.

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