How to improve concentration | Ways to increase concentration power

Its take long time to gain control over the mind and its not a simple process. It takes years and years to achieve the power of concentration.

Increasing concentration power is not an easy task but it requires  lots of effort patience and practice. Now talking about our monkey mind that wont easily be tamed instead it will take out different thoughts like recalling the past and even having day dream is common. But do not worry there are lots of concentration exercises to motivate you and boost you up.
 Relax yourself for sometime in open air, think positive, maintain proper diet and try to mixed with people around you don't feel shy to start conversation, that way you can have good mental health that can help you increase concentration.

 Ways to improve concentration

  • Try to avoid watching : The very first step what you need to do is try watching less videos that will surely effect you and your precious time. Instead you can watch motivational and inspiring videos that will be more helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Exercise : Increasing concentration power also depends on physical and mental state of your body. When you are tired, frustrated, stressed and unhealthy then it becomes hard to concentrate. So, for exercise is the only way to make you forget all your stress and what so ever that might hamper you.
  • Meditation and yoga : The power needed to improve concentration is through this. This method gives more thinking power, keeps calms and helps to know yourself deeply. These busy day no one have time, but you should at least make time do it twice or thrice in a week.
  • Reading : Only visual media may not be the best way to relax yourself but reading lots of books gives you peace and pleasure. Reading different and lots of books, newspaper, magazine daily will raise your interest in work as well as in concentration and focusing power.
  • Proper rest : The most important and biggest factor affection concentration is rest. Everything will be messed up and cozy if you don’t received a proper rest. Like electronics our body needs to be charged and proper sleep is required. Early to sleep and early to raise can be the key step to improve concentration power.
  • Find your working place : It depends on your comfort that you find your own corner in the house and start your work. Most people suggest that if you really want to increase your concentration  grab a table and chair and yes its true. But its not necessary that you will concentrate only if you work in table as some might get best work concentration in bed or in some other corner.
  • Take a short break : If you work continuously you might end you in work stress and work loads. So, remember to take a short break during every work hour as it helps to bring wondering back to concentration.
  • Eat healthy food : Many times can be seen that lots of people avoid taking healthy food and at last you end your day with tired and inactive body. Take more protein and vitamin containing foods and more green vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water.
  •  Go outdoor :  Keep out your phone, computer, T.V aside for sometime and take a fresh walk in the evening look around the nature, play sports. As this will increase blood flow in the body and keep you fresh and healthy to gain more memory power.

Find your own way to improve concentration

Many people have the ability to concentrate in any type of environment whether it might be noisy, quiet, rough etc as they gets adapted to it and other can sustain only in peaceful environment. 
But my way is different as I always carries earphone plug into my ears and adjust music according to my mood and then begins my work. So, I found out this method as it works for me and helps me to concentrate well. So, what’s your methods, explore yourself.

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