What is Google Adsense and Google Adsense earnings process

Google Adsense is the tool to monetize your website. There are various to monetize your website traffic, most of the advertisement are related to third party products or services that are shown to visitor in website. But from all the most popular is Google Adsense through which you can start your website or YouTube monetization.

Google Adsense earnings process

Google Adsense is CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program allowing the publisher to place add in their website. It also depends on page views. So, the given below two ways how your income get generated from Adsense.
  • Impression - it is the number of page views along with your add on it
  • Clicks - based on how many visitors have clicked your page (but never click on your own adds as this  might cause suspension of your Adsense account)
So, in order to start earning you must first signup for Google Adsense account, get Adsense approval and post adds code in HTML of your website. Keep posting attractive and unique articles, be patience and once you reached a minimum threshold of $100 you will receive your Adsenes payment.
During this process many people gets impatience and lost their interest, but i suggest that keep writing articles. There are many people out there who earns a lot from Google Adsense that they are able to afford flats, house, luxury cars and many more.

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