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Earning money online is very easy in these days. The things required are skill, hard work and right platform, that only Internet can provide. Starting blogging is very easy, you can share your word with the entire world and get paid for your hard work. There are various free blogging platform that give you free hosing with sub-domain like Blogspot and Word Press. If you are beginner and do not know the basic about blogging then you can go with those free blogging platform.

What is a blog?
A blog is mainly a website, that mainly focuses on written content beautifully decorated with title, headings, body content, pictures etc. Blog is about any topic eg:- technology, health, news, events, gossips, movies reviews and many more.
Blogger mostly when writing an article always adds personal prospective along with the data. That connects readers and to their website. Eg:-Suppose if the book is too much formally written or hard to understand than readers will surely lost their interest and prefer other books. 
So, in here blogger must be creative and must post unique article and attractive titles.

 How to create a blog?

Creating a blog is super easy just sign up to one of the free blogging platform Blog-spot or Word Press, as they are popular and good for beginner.

How to start a blog and choose right blog name?

On initial start it might be difficult for everyone but we learn through experience and hard work. Like wise choosing the name of your blog might be the toughest thing, I suggest that it depend on your interest and you should choose according to your interest on it.

Suppose you have chosen your blog site  name health, but you lack interest after posting 2-3 articles means your blogging career is ending and I don't prefer you that as this is a serious game. If you lack interest in blogging you should not do it rather than spending time on it.

Doing Keyword research

Keyword research is finding out what your target audience is searching for. Its like demand and supply, taste and preference, you should go with what type of product your customer is demanding for and their interest in it.

After creating a blog, you simply should not write an article and just post, it won't give you any good outcome and you won't get paid. Its like shooting your target in the dark, so you should always go with keyword in you blog post.

Google keyword planner is a free tool to do keyword research. You just need to sign up with your google account, click the keyword planner and you click free keyword planner tool, search your desire keyword and use it in your article. Its superb easy right, but know that always choose the keyword wisely.

Buy domain name form verified sites

A name is what you need for your business and its growth. So, go for it you can register top level domain name like .com or .in  it is good, but you can choose other extensions domain as well like, .org and many more.

Apply for Google Adsense and get paid

You should write at least 15-20 article and pages like privacy policy, contact us, about us, terms and conditions, disclaimer Adsense approval. Adsense is the way to monetize your blog for for Pro as well as for beginner, once you qualified for adds you are surely will get paid, click per adds.

Last word

It does not mean that you will start earning right from the start, so be patience and dedicate to your work surely earn money from home. Best of luck as you are about to start your blogging career. And do not forget to leave a comment.


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